MindSpark Learning is a certified private provider of Fast ForWord, a series of brain fitness software exercises created to build learning capacity by improving brain processing speed and accuracy. The Fast ForWord programs provided by MindSpark Learning uses neuroscience principles that increase language, auditory processing, cognitive and academic skills in children and adults.

MindSpark Learning understands that language and reading mastery are among the most difficult challenges a child faces. When a child listens, talks, or reads, he or she must use multiple brain areas. The areas become organized with time and experience, but for some children this process can be laborious and often leads to low self esteem and years of academic struggle.

MindSpark Learning’s mission is to help all students reach their maximum potential and our primary goals are to help your child strengthen brain processing skills and increase reading proficiency. The benefits, however, go beyond these abilities and can affect your child’s self-image positively, and motivate them to learn and read.