The Fast ForWord Language series, Literacy series, and Reading software series are efficient, effective, and enduring. Based on over 30+ years of brain research, the products feature interactive, animated exercises and use patented technology to adapt to each student’s skill level. Averaging a one to two grade level reading gain in only 12 to 20 weeks is remarkable. When the brain’s processing skills become more efficient, substantial and quick, gains in reading skills are often the outcome.

MindSpark Learning’s program is for K-12 children and adults. Students are with us for 8 to 12 weeks per program, working at least 50 minutes a day, 3 – 5 days a week, depending on their academic starting point and their goals. Fast ForWord is effective and fast acting, but it requires MindSpark’s professional oversight to handle protocol choices required to maintain your child’s progress and to make the most of the time available.

Phase 1 – Language & Literacy

First, we build a secure cognitive foundation. All MindSpark students start with Fast ForWord Language v2 (5 to 10 years of age) or Literacy (11 years and up), and then advance to Language to Reading or Literacy Advanced.

The goal of Literacy and Literacy Advanced is to improve language processing so that a student can automate decoding, to make an exhausting reading style more efficient, freeing up brain capacity for much stronger reading comprehension.

Phase 2 – Reading Program

The Reading programs provide a sequenced learning environment that advances the key cognitive skills required to become fluent readers. They are used following Fast ForWord Language programs. The reading series starts off with exercises to build fluency, progresses through reading comprehension and finally exercises that build critical thinking and inferential skills. The goal is automatic and effortless decoding and high level reading comprehension.

Reading Assistant

Guided Oral Reading through Advanced Speech-Recognition

Reading Assistant, the newest addition to the Scientific Learning software products, can be used to increase oral fluency, articulatory accuracy and reading fluency. Guided oral reading is a proven method for improving reading fluency.

Reading Assistant software was developed using research-validated speech recognition technology to act as a supportive, listener providing one-on-one guided oral reading support. Reading Assistant software “listens” as a child reads out loud. When the child is challenged by a word, the software provides an example of correct pronunciation.