We develop individualized protocols drawing from 50+ adaptive exercises, each of which targets a specific cognitive or reading skill, we are able to help a wide range of reading and learning difficulties. Scroll down to the heading that best describes you or your child.

Elementary Reading

MindSpark Learning programs build the cognitive skills needed for reading. Our remote educators will guide your child through a sequence of exercises to improve phonics, vocabulary, fluency and reading comprehension.
Our elementary reading programs

Middle & High School Reading

Our middle and high school programs are designed to help your child better process, analyze and retain written information. We build reading speed and vocabulary, and then develop higher level reading comprehension and thinking skills.
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Adult Reading

This is a three-month program to address dyslexia in adults. The program addresses a range of learning difficulties to increase reading speed and comprehension for struggling adult readers and to help attention stamina.
Adult reading programs

Auditory Processing Difficulties

Our programs build fundamental language processing skills that are the primary source of learning difficulties for many children. Improved auditory processing skills help listening, spoken language, reading and attention stamina.

Auditory processing disorder treatment

Our brain training software treats the processing delays that are responsible for most cases of dyslexia. Depending on your child’s starting point, it can help create a new track for reading progress or in some cases, it can completely eradicate the symptoms of dyslexia and related learning difficulties in just a few months.
Dyslexia treatment

Attention Deficits

Many children with attention deficits actually have a processing difficulty. Listening and comprehending at natural language speed is exhausting and/or not engaging. By making processing more efficient, our brain training software can dramatically improve focus.
Help for ADD

Language and Learning

Language Difficulties or Delays

It is important to address the underlying causes of language and learning difficulties early, as weaknesses in language almost always carry over into reading problems later.
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Improving Grades and Homework Skills

Our programs develop the study skills needed for learning independence. We build processing skills that make engaging at school easier and we build the reading and learning skills needed to be able to approach homework and study time with less stress and more confidence. These same skills make test taking more comfortable.
Study and learning help

Executive Function Delays

Executive function is the internal dialogue that organizes and plans. It is a learned skill that requires practice. Our software removes the impediment to executive function development by building learning efficiency.
How we help executive function

Working Memory Delays

Working memory is more and more being seen as a pivotal cognitive skill. It impacts IQ, attention, learning efficiency and reading comprehension. By helping working memory our program can resolve a range of learning difficulties for all ages.
How to improve working memory

Autism / Asperger Syndrome

Our cognitive brain training software for Asperger syndrome strengthens listening skills, which in turn helps conversation skills. These receptive and expressive language skills are the key challenge for children with Asperger syndrome.

Our software that builds processing speed, the core of the Asperger syndrome diagnosis

Asperger syndrome children have the unifying symptom of impaired social interaction. Our learning programs for Asperger’s are centered around Fast ForWord software. This is adaptive software that trains the processing skills required for listening efficiency, an essential skill for comfortable social interaction.

By improving processing efficiency, Fast ForWord slows the world down for Asperger’s children. In a slower world, listening, thinking and reading are more manageable.

ACT and SAT Test Prep At Home

Many students struggle with high stakes tests because of unresolved learning difficulties. It is never too late to address these issues. Gains in cognitive, language and reading skills feed directly into better test scores, particularly for the SAT and private school entrance tests.
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