Making Reading Easier By Treating Causes, Not Symptoms

 Is your homeschool child a struggling reader?

Homeschool can be wonderful experience for both parent and child. And yes, if your child is a struggling reader or learner, the less distracting environment at home and the added attention can do wonders. However, there’s a challenge. Most homeschool reading programs and curriculum are geared towards children on a healthy reading track. They risk frustrating your child even more as the faster pace exposes her shortcomings.

Homeschool reading programs serve healthy readers because reading interventions tend to require in-person professional attention — either in a center or clinic or in a school Resource Room. While many counties have public resources for homeschool families, this off-site approach does not work well with the homeschool setup.

An Online Reading Intervention For Homeschool Families

If your child does need a homeschool reading program that is more intervention than reading practice, MindSpark Learning is a possible solution. Our self-paced software means your child never gets stuck because it’s too hard or bored because it is too easy. In addition, we provide constant oversight to keep your child on a positive track.

  •  We make reading easier — by targeting the impediments to reading
  •  We build reading comprehension — your child can learn to love reading
  •  Students average 1-2 years of reading gain in 4-6 months

Our point of difference is that we focus first on the underlying cognitive delays that cause of reading difficulty and then build reading skills one by one. By treating the cause of the reading difficulty, rather than managing the symptoms, our reading programs can make lasting improvements. Once reading is easier, your child will read for longer periods. Reading practice is the path to master reading.