Powerful Learning Software at Home with Oversight

The Problem

Reading and learning are primarily language skills that require language processing accuracy and efficiency that many children do not have. Furthermore, schools are instruction-focus – they do not address these underlying skill gaps and so for many students, reading and learning difficulties persist for years.

Our Solutions

MindSpark Learning uses adaptive, neuroscience software to resolve these untreated skill gaps. In particular we use Fast ForWord software to target auditory processing, attention and working memory skills, most common causes of reading and learning delays.


With learning impediments removed, our students average 1.5 – 2.75 years of reading gains in 4 – 6 months. Most reporting continued acceleration in following periods. Clients also report substantial improvements in focus, grades, homework productivity, learning and social confidence. These gains are permanent – they become part of your student.

MindSpark Learning’s secret is our intensive remote support by certified teachers to make sure you get the results.

Benefits of MindSpark Learning

By helping a child develop his or her memory, attention, sequencing, and brain processing rates, our programs don’t simply give children new academic knowledge; instead, we equip the child’s brain to better access and retain content that they are exposed to in the classroom, with a tutor and beyond.

How it Works

Students spend 30 50 minutes a day, 3 – 5 days a week for 4 – 6 months. We start with an assessment and then develop an individualized sequence of exercises drawing from these software programs:

  • Fast ForWord. Cognitive software and reading series is our primary intervention and starting point. It starts out resolving cognitive difficulties and then moves on to reading specific fluency, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension exercises.

  • Reading Assistant. Adaptive reading practice software that builds reading speed and confidence.

Personalized Professional Oversight

Fast ForWord is only amazing when students complete the protocols. That’s where our remote service really helps. We make sure students stay engaged and on track. This includes daily monitoring of your child’s activity, regular check-in calls and remote support sessions when needed as well as student rewards, mailed certificates, online support resources, and a client support group.

Every Student Can Improve

Our results confirm that our learning solution is not just scientific theory. Substantial and lasting change is a very real opportunity for students of all ages. This is why 96% of our clients say they recommend us to others.