AustinAbout 10 months ago I was at my wits end helping my boys overcome some of their difficulties with reading. Before MindSpark we had tried many different things to Help our son Austin, but with little success. When we first came to you, he was approaching his ninth month in fourth grade and reading at a second grade level. We were always playing catch up, just trying to get by each and every day. Today my son reads at grade level and has made remarkable, actually, unbelievable gains. With your help and the MindSpark programs, Austin would not be where he is today. He is so much more excited about school, has much more confidence, and for the first time, he made straight A’s on his report card.

My first grader, Dallas, has also made great gains. He was having some of the same difficulty in reading, and was struggling with retaining the sounds of his letters, making reading very frustrating. He has mastered how to sound out his letters, is making 100% on his spelling tests, and 100% on his sight words. With your help, Dallas is building a strong foundation for reading. In fact, I love it when I walk up to his room where he has books of all levels stacked beside his bed, and is ready to tackle all of them. Dallas is now reading at grade level because of your dedication.

Let’s not forget Savannah, my seventh grade honors student who wanted to come to MindSpark to enrich her education. Savannah is a very dedicated student and always wanting to do her best. She wanted MindSpark to help her with speed, accuracy, endurance, and the ability to listen more effectively. Savannah has also shown improvement from your programs.

In my opinion, MindSpark can be beneficial for anyone. It’s an amazing program.